Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lucky Luke - Faster than his own shadow

Ever since I saw this as a kid, I have been fascinated by this image. I think it warrants some explanation.

So this guy is pretty fast with he's gun, that much is obvious. Let's say for the sake of argument that Lucky Luke is instead of being a two dimensional character on paper, a multidimensional being and can appear to move faster than light. The amount of time it takes for the light to travel from Lucky Luke to the viewer is slightly less than the amount of time it takes for the light to travel from the wall to the viewer. This means that if we would imagine someone taking a picture of this the exposure time should be equal to or less than the time difference. In other words this is an image that can never be captured with a modern camera because it wouldn't be able to capture enough photons in the allotted time. It is an illustration of the phenomenon how we can today see a star that went supernova over 21 million years ago.

So lets speculate that it's bullets he's shooting. The bullet should travel the distance instantly in order to be able to pierce the wall before the light travels from the wall to the viewer. How do you pierce something instantly? That must not be a normal gun then either. Maybe that's the reason there's a trajectory drawn in the image? It's a virtual trajectory. The gun passes the bullet through a wormhole but it doesn't travel the whole distance there. That doesn't sound very plausible. Another possibility is that the bullet is propelled by an alcubierre drive. This is still not making much sense. Or maybe he's shooting tachyons? A ray gun of sorts. That would make sense. At least it would if tachyons could affect objects. Maybe there was a hole in the wall to begin with?

As for the smoke, the guy must have exhaled and the smoke conveniently moved in front of the gun to make this image more challenging to figure out. At this point I can admit this guy can do pretty awesome things so it doesn't seem too odd that he has a levitating hat. Even I could do that.

Please leave a comment below if you have any ideas of you own. I'd love to hear any idea no matter how silly.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe someone accelerated the fence the near the speed of light causing, severe time dialation for his shadow.

Maybe his gun had a blank in it, and the puff of smoke was already there.

Maybe the hole was already in the fence.

That's a whole lotta maybe, but it would make sense... if he could turn around and shoot before the fence moving at near the speed of light was gone.

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