Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I'm fucking pissed off by censorship. There's no point other than to annoy people, there can't be. When I first heard censoring of swearwords as a kid I thought it was kind of funny. If someone somewhere really thinks they can protect for example children from hearing swearwords by censoring TV, they gotta be kidding. Do you know what kind of parrots kids are. Kids talk to other kids who talk to other kids who talk to someone else and so forth. As long as we have language kids will be hearing swearwords and repeating them to their friends like there's nothing else to do in this world. Especially if you forbid them or try to "protect them" from this. It's rather ridiculous when some people think it's  ok to show blood spilling and heads literally rolling, but swearwords are a big oh no.

Censoring draws unnecessary attention towards the fact that someone just swore. It also makes it very difficult to understand what was being said when it is not obvious what the word was. When it is obvious what the person is saying you're just making people say the word themselves in their minds, you chickenshits... Swearwords convey mood and meaning. It's a fact that people swear.(I'm not quoting a source, go find out for yourself) You can relate to things when swearwords are used in proper context. That means you have to balance the amount of swearing so that whatever story is being told is believable. It just sounds stupid when swearwords are out of context or there's nothing else than them. You start thinking tourettes or lack of things to say.

After a while the censoring itself starts to deliver the same effect that the swearword did. Eventually what is being said will become devoid of meaning. I'ts like telling all the painters in the world to suddenly start painting only happy pictures.

Censorship is control over people in all it's forms. Censorship is evil. Censorship is burning books. Censorship is suppression of speech. Censorship is unnatural.

Censorship is being done only when someone is feeling of loss of control and then instead of reflecting on the real matter they do something fun like turn off your country's communication networks.

ps. This is so fraking lame no matter how big a fan of BSG you are
pps. I swear too much, but it's ok, I'm aware of it.

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