Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Unwanted email, also known as spam

I use email a lot and I check my inbox a couple of times a day. I've been trying to keep my incoming mail to a minimum. For example opting out from mailing lists and going trough email notification settings in various services that send mail(facebook, linkedin, netposti, twitter, xda-developers, fedoraforum etc.) I also manage the mail server that my box is on so I have a pretty good control over what mail I and other mail users on the same server do receive. Greylisting, blacklisting, whitelisting, honeypotting and a spam learning imap folder have kept spam to a minimum(I have not received actual spam other than from a misconfigured backup MX that is no longer in use).

Basically only mail I should receive is mail that is directed to me personally and requires some sort of direct action from me. Keeping that in mind I'm pretty pissed off now after getting yet another spam from LinkedIn. If I fail to find whatever hidden setting there is that allows me to opt out of unsolicited mail I think I'm just going to remove my account and see if that works.

I can't really understand what's the point in all that unnecessary mail sending anyway. What it does is repel people who might otherwise enjoy being a user of some service X. Is there truly a person who really reads all those "weekly updates"? And what about Facebook notifications? With default settings I'd probably have 4 times the amount of mail in my box for stuff that I already read while on Facebook. And that's Facebook alone.

I like Google's policy of letting the user opt in to get mail notifications. I actually had mail notifications for events I've marked in my Google Calendar come in one day in advance +SMS reminders 2 hours before. This was before current happy relationship with my HTC Hero(which does the reminding nowdays)

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