Friday, September 23, 2011

UEFI "Secure boot" feature

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The PR department at Microsoft is lulling people to their happy places again?

There obviously isn't any real benefit for the end user in "secure boot" so why beat around the bush. This is a feature, the purpose of which is to allow commercial entities to have greater power over what can and what cannot run on computer hardware. It's an "update" like so many we've seen that doesn't really fix any problem but only makes it more difficult for the end users to have freedom over their devices.

People can't really be so gullible that they can't see past the fact that this writing does nothing to clarify anything but only drops words and phrases like secure, enforcing, strong protection, ensure, growing threat. To me this writing gives a strong impression of trying to seed fear and then sooth with a miraculous salvation. When the threats are great we forgive the trespassess right? At least in the US as recent history has shown.

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