Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The future, cancelled?

So the thing is, I really want the human kind to get to the point where it can inhabit other planets. This place is getting crowded and it seems that it's either space or world war 3, 4, 5 etc from here on. In case someone didn't know, today we are blasting humans off the map with the excuse being that that other guy was possibly a terrorist. Collateral damage? So what? Less people to share these limited resources with. Good riddance. Governments lie and murder. Instead of healthcare we now just treat illnesses. Wars are waged because it's good business in the short term for the conqueror. Policies are made mostly to serve the financial system rather than people. It's not going to be long now when hospitals all over the world will treat only the rich. Rejuvenating technologies that can to prolong the lifespan of a human will be banned when they are effective enough and known by the public. Execution in the style of Logan's Run will be a norm. All who lived too long would be a threat to humankind.

I might not be an optimist, but I am a dreamer. Technology has often presented solutions to difficult situations,  people in difficult situations have been extra motivated to come up with solutions. It would be wonderful if we all learned how to behave before heading to the stars, but in case we don't, maybe we can learn when we head to the stars. Making sure that prolonging the lifespan would not be criminalized would allow us to grow wiser and more patient btw. I saw a news article about spider silk that I think could make bigger and more durable solar sails possible. I wonder if it's sails or some other method of propulsion that will first take us exploring the final frontier.

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