Thursday, October 20, 2011

What would MacGyver do?

We won't budge

We finns are determined folk it would seem. Yesterday the police was dispatched to see that the tent would be taken down. The protesters then took shelter in a mobile performing stage that has been on the market square for years and has a roof on top. The city of Turku then sent someone to remove the stage from the square leaving the protesters with nothing against the weather but their wits, some equipment and determination.

The situation called for some MacGyverism. An improvised shelter was put up using some tarps and benches in the pouring rain and a pretty nifty one I can witness. It was completely dry despite of the rain and no stove was needed when everyone was packed tightly together in the shelter. As a matter a fact someone thought it was a bit too warm. I was about 4 deg C outside(39F) It brought back childhood memories of making such huts indoors at home with friends and declaring them as our forts.

You could find the fort by following the sound of laughter and passionate speeches about the world, environment, economy and other topics.

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