Monday, April 18, 2011

VBlogger gets caught stealing

A fun prank on Katersoneseven

I was on my computer reading tweets when I saw Cory Williams tweet the following:

LET'S PRANK KATE!!! Tell her that you just saw her on the news for stealing honey from hotels! Say it was an undercover video! DO IT NOW!

I thought I could do a little better than just tweet. I blogged that she stole honey from hotel and was caught on tape by hotel security. A fake article was created to back up the blog article

I was a bit afraid the joke would be taken seriously(she tweeted that she had to text her father that this was not true) so I took the blog-article and fake site down pretty soon. For those that missed the shock and the horror I present the "evidence".

ps. I hope her family got news of the prank from her before seeing this on the internets.

See Kates vlog about the prank VLOGGER CAUGHT STEALING!

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