Saturday, February 12, 2011

The end is near! Repent!

NOK took a -14,11% hit today and I sure would have wanted to be buying some warrants. (Where's a flux capacitor when you need one?) Instead of going forward with Meego an announcement was made that Nokia will be focusing on Windows Mobile 7 from here on. Hearsay says Nokia will be offering only one Meego powered phone this year.

This sounds a bit insane. After putting all those resources to develop and acquire technologies that enable Nokia to offer Meego they are just not using them. Who builds a house and just when it's about to be finished goes and burns it down? No wonder there has been some changes in the list of employed.

I've tried Meego on a laptop and as a current Fedora user I was just blown off my feet. If the mobile version of Meego has any resemblance to that they're throwing away gold.

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