Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hermesetas Hack

I'm a big user of sweeteners. At least when you tend to drink a couple dozen cups of coffee every day, little things like the functionality or the lack of your sweetener dispenser starts to matter.

The dispensers I use used to work fine before, but I suppose they must have changed to an inferior manufacturing process. The problem is that when you press the dispenser to drop a sweetener, it doesn't return to top position. You have to use both hands to return it to top position before you can try to dispense more.

This fix will add a spring in order to return it to proper position so that it will function as designed.

You can revive a malfunctioning dispenser with a simple fix/hack. All you need is a coil spring from a ballpoint pen or something similar.

1. Open the dispenser.(Separate the white part from the transparent blue part)
2. Insert stretched coil spring as shown in picture.
3. Close the dispenser.

Be careful when opening the dispenser. The goal is to open it carefully not to sprinkle the sweeteners all over.


Anonymous said...

I can't open mine. No spring.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

all I can say is "what a waste". If you can't do better than this, remove your product from the shelves.

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